Why is music called the divine art, while all other arts are not so called? We may certainly see God in all arts and in all sciences, but in music alone we see God free from all forms and thoughts. In every other art there is idolatry. Every thought, every word has its form. Sound along is free from form. Every word of poetry forms a picture in our mind. Sound alonde does not make any object appear before us.

Homage to Cage: ‘But they seemed to sit in mesmerized silence for Cage. I'd guess this was because he was so focused, so intent, so curious, so plainly listening to everything he did, listening with as much interest (and as little sense of ownership) as anyone in the audience. Which meant, to repeat the word, that he was curious about what he was doing, genuinely so. He had no agenda, but made his sounds with great delight, interested in what might come next, with no thought that he should shape it consciously. That's the kind of attention his music needs. (And rewards.)’